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September 6, 2018
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braided hair 493577143 Ask A Pittsburgh Stylist: Three Easy Braided HairstylesBraids have quickly earned their place among the year’s hottest hairstyles. Celebrities like Whitney Port, Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez and Rita Ora are just a few of Hollywood’s famous faces who turn to this twist for red carpet-worthy style. Tutorials are popping up all over Pinterest and YouTube detailing step-by-step instructions on how to DIY several of the season’s more popular braids, including the bohemian side-swept fishtail, classic French braid and the romantic braided chignon. If you love these looks but think you can’t tackle them yourself, think again. For a few simple yet chic braided styles that you can do yourself, Chelsea Bugielski, owner and stylist with Glamorous Bridal Productions, has three easy suggestions that are perfect for a variety of events and looks.

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Chelsea Bugielski, the owner of Glamorous Bridal Productions, is entering her tenth year styling hair. She launched her business by following her passion and flair for hair. “When I started working in salons, I was always the girl they recommended to brides for their up-dos, ” says Bugielski. “I just loved being a part of such a special day and giving them the style that would last forever in pictures!” She keeps up on the trendiest styles by attending the industry’s many conventions and classes offered throughout the country, including one with popular and highly respected Canadian up-do artist Martin Parsons. Bugielski credits Parsons with giving her that final push she needed to open her own bridal salon in Pittsburgh. In addition to providing make-up and bridal hairstyling, Bugielski is a Regional Color Educator from It&ly Hairfashion.

Fishtail Pigtail Braids: A Sexy Summer Twist

A loose fishtail braid gives traditional pigtails a mature, sexy twist to create a casual style that’s perfect for summer. Bugielski recommends fishtail pigtail braids to ladies looking to transform a relaxed, no-fuss braid into a more formal, pulled-together look that, with a little practice, takes about 10 minutes to do. She recommends dividing your hair into two sections for your pigtails. Start your first fishtail braid by crossing a piece from each section over to make an X and continuing this pattern by adding in pieces from each side. Braid to the very ends of your hair. You will have completed one of your pigtails. Repeat this process on your second pigtail. Once both of your pigtails have been braided, loosen each piece of braiding from the nape of your neck down to keep your braids informal and untailored. Bugielski takes this look to the next level by rolling the entire braid up, separating it and pinning the hair into an elegant up-do.

Braided Bun: Beautiful and Bohemian

“This is a great idea for little girls going to a special occasion that helps keep their hair off their face, ” explains Bugielski. “For weddings, it’s a style that will stay the same from ceremony until the end of the reception.” Begin by making a simple ponytail but leave out the front section of the hair. Next, start braiding a traditional French braid, gradually adding in pieces from the front section and ponytail. Wrap your braid into a circle and pin to secure. In about five minutes, you can achieve this beautiful, boho-inspired braided bun.

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Headband Braid: Fun and Flirty

For a quick braid that looks effortless and allows you to keep your hair down, the headband braid is a fun and flirty option. Bugielski says to start by making a braid from behind each of your ears. Continue to braid as your cross them around the front of your head, similar to a French braid. Headband and pin each braid behind your opposite ear. This style takes roughly five minutes to do and is ideal for transitioning from work to happy hour.

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Jessica Wasik lives in Pittsburgh where works as a full-time figure skating coach sharing her passion with todays generation of young skaters. A graduate of Robert Morris University with a degree in English Studies, Jessica is also a contributing writer for Allegheny West Magazine. Her work can be found at

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#479 - Inline Figure Skating | Ice Skating in the Summer
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Which figure skater inspired a popular hairstyle?
Hairstyles for Figure Skating
Hairstyles for Figure Skating
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