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September 14, 2017
This figure skater saw this
Pamela Anderson suffers a wardrobe malfunction on Dancing on IceITV There it is! Pammy struggles with her dress and stumbles over

Well that was dramatic and fleshy, wasn’t it? We were so looking forward to seeing Pamela Anderson skate and she’s already been kicked off the show! Nonetheless, the first episode of Dancing On Ice contained a whole host of fun surprises (mainly the Baywatch star’s decorated nipple - there's a video lower down).

Between Matt Lapinskas’ surprising skills, Samia Ghadie’s emotional statement and Shayne Ward’s chronic wobbling, we were thoroughly entertained throughout most of the show (essentially, when Keith Chegwin opened his mouth, we weren’t having fun. Mostly because he repeatedly made the same jokes).

Sadly, Cheggers didn’t leave Dancing On Ice in episode one, but he did land in the bottom two with Hollywood star Pammy. Receiving the lowest score of 15.5 after skating to Things Can Only Get Better, Ashley Roberts called Keith “a bundle of fun” but with a few involuntary actions.

Earlier, Pamela put in an amazing performance to the sound of Emilie Sande’s Read All About It and landed a respectable score of 18.5 out of 40.

Pamela Anderson on Dancing on IceLooking all relaxed and graceful in black, Pamela was a natural on the ice and appeared to really enjoy herself. And there was us thinking she’d quit after a week (not that she lasted more than one anyway).


Pamela was impressive on ice in her first dance ITV Sadly, the public just didn't relate to the American actress

Judge Robin Cousins told her: “Every crossover you did was correct, it was natural and not forced at all. It was beautiful.”

Beaming, Pammy told hosts Philip Schofield and Christine Bleakley: “The more confident I get, the better skating I do. I love the performance of it all – but it’s so much harder than dancing! I love it.”

She was so disappointed to land in the bottom two with Cheggers – and even more shocked when she left the show after stumbling g her way through the skate off.

Stepping off the ice in white, Pamela told Philip: “I wobbled because my dress fell off!”


Wowsers - Pammy will be glad she covered up with tit tape ITV Pamela's wardrobe malfunction put her off and lost her a place on the show ITV They made her and they'll break her.

The host joked: “If it’d had happened earlier, you could have guaranteed a place!”

Pamela Anderson on Dancing on IcePammy replied (probably not realising the next bit was down the judges): “Hopefully it works now!”

Yeah. It didn’t. Pammy’s unruly dress was the end of her ice skating career and saw Keith being given another chance by each of the judges.

Keith was chuffed to get through (he should be)

Insisting that it really was her nipple’s fault, Pamela said afterwards: “Well, you know. I feel sad, but it was really fun and now I know how to skate a little bit. I feel so bad – I just stumbled in my dress, my boobs fell out. It happens!”

Indeed, it did happen and we enjoyed it very much. We’re going to assume the dark colouring around Pamela’s boob is tit tape, by the way, not an incredibly intrusive tattoo.

Beth produced moves never seen on DOI before - one to watch!

Elsewhere, Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle was brilliant on tonight’s show, with her ridiculously strong legs and daring splits landing her a score of 21. However, Jason Gardiner felt that her routine to Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding left him “bored to Beth” because she “didn’t perform”.

Samia was extremely nervous after weeks of rumours about herself and Sylvain. She didn't deny it though!

Samia Ghadie was clearly nervous following a week of media speculation surrounding her relationship with partner Slyvain (who split up with Jennifer Meltcalfe over Christmas). Despite scoring 17 after dancing to Diamonds, Samia told Philip that she’d had a really tough week and had “felt sick” every day. She said: “All the unwanted press attention has been a struggle this week. But tonight the audience and my family being here helped.”

Matt was a real surprise - great moves

Matthew Lapinskas was a real surprise, with his dance training in the past proving to be a massive bonus when it came to his routine. Performing to Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown, Matt scored the highest number of points – 24 out of 40 – after producing some serious break dancing moves. Jason told him: “You had conviction and energy – I really enjoyed myself”. To which, Matt replied: “As long as I did my nan proud”.

Shayne got by on looks alone (soz)

Shayne Ward was a bit of a let down, being incredibly nervous and easily the worst skater at the start of rehearsals two months ago. He wobbled his way through Too Close by Alex Clare, clinging onto partner Maria whenever he could, eventually landing the second lowest score of 16. Fortunately, Shayne is this year’s eye candy and his fetching red outfit saw him through.

Pamela Anderson suffers a wardrobe malfunction on Dancing on Ice Pamela Anderson suffers a wardrobe malfunction on Dancing on Ice Keith Chegwin on Dancing on Ice Beth Tweddle on Dancing on Ice
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