Figure Skate Blade Guards

August 12, 2017
Rockerz Ice Skate Guards

Rockerz figure skate guards are the new ergonomic heavy duty "hard guards" skate guards for keeping you blades protected while walking around the rink during practice or competitions.
Rockerz are available in over a dozen mix or match colors and can be made in most team color combinations.
Rockerz are heavy duty - 3 times more plastic than standard guards.
Rocker are ergonomic - curved profile for a more natural stride while walking with guards.
Rockerz are COOL - any color combination you can imagine.

Rockerz Ergonomic Skate Guards - Choose any colors, mix or match front and back, left and right. We cut to order and assemble them before shipping. $ 29.99 add to cart

- you will need to supply blade make, model and size information at time of order or via email. Rockerz guards MUST be cut to order before shipping. It cannot be done at home.

Choose your team colors and email us for quotes on team quantities.

ROCKERZ SKATE GUARDS – Product Information

  • Rock through your walk

    Patented rocker base reduces impact & joint stress
    Ergonomically designed for safety & comfort
    Experience the ease of movement in every step

  • Safety first

    Heavy-duty, gripping tread for safety
    Wide, stable walking base (50% wider)

  • Sleek, unique waves

    Structurally designed for lateral support
    Beveled thumb grips for easy handling

  • Spring is in

    Fully-recessed springs & screws
    Sleek design prevents clothing snags

  • Exclusive accommodations

    Patented v-shaped blade channel
    Blades slide in & out with ease
    Only Rockerz guards accommodate
    Matrix, Paramount & Revolution blades

  • Red, White & Blue

    Made in the United States for
    highest quality standards

  • Go green

    Made with recycled materials
    All parts 100% recyclable

  • Chop, chop

    Always fully assembled & custom-fitted
    to your exact blade model & size

  • Colors that rock

    A beautiful palette of vibrant colors

  • Mix & match

    Combine up to 4 colors

Get inline - how to fit skate guards
Get inline - how to fit skate guards
Rockerz® Skate Guards Assembly Animation
Rockerz® Skate Guards Assembly Animation
Guide To Buying Your First Pair of Figure Skates
Guide To Buying Your First Pair of Figure Skates
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