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December 24, 2015
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Teaching a Class at the Ice Chalet

Skating Skill Levels

Skating Skill Levels

Basic Levels:
Beginning and Advanced Tots
These classes are for ages 3-5. Students work on falling, marching, gliding, and moving forward and backward. Each child must wear gloves and a toboggan or helmet for protection.
Beginners (Pre-Alpha)
Beginner students learn to balance and do simple glides on both feet. Anyone over 5 who has never taken classes should start here.
Once you have passed Pre-Alpha, you move to Alpha and learn forward stroking, forward crossovers in both directions, and a simple stop.
Students who pass all the Alpha skills now work on backward stroking and backward crossovers in both directions, plus a T-stop with each foot.
After Beta, students begin to work on two different kinds of turns (forward outside edge 3-turns and inside mohawks), as well as a hockey stop.
This is the last basic level. Students work on inside edge 3-turns, forward edges, bunny hops, lunges, and shoot-the-ducks.

Freestyle Levels:
This is where you go once you have mastered all the basic levels. There are 10 levels which all include different jumping, spinning, and footwork maneuvers.

Freestyle 1
Forward Inside Pivot; Backward Outside and Inside Edges; Two-Foot Spin; One-Half Flip; Forward Arabesque; Waltz Jump
Freestyle 2
Ballet Jump; One-Half Toe Walley; One-Half Lutz; One-Foot Spin; Two Forward Arabesques; Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 3
Backward Outside or Inside Pivot; Salchow Jump; Change Foot Spin; Backward Arabesque; Toe Loop or Toe Walley Jump; Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 4
Flip Jump; Loop Jump; Sit Spin; One-Half Loop Jump; Two Backward Arabesques, R and L; Backward Outside and Inside Three Turns in Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 5
Lutz Jump; Axel Jump; Camel Spin; Camel-Sit-Upright Spin; Fast Back Scratch Spin; Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 6
Split Jump; Split Falling Leaf Jump; Jump Combination (Axel-1/2 Loop Jump- Flip Jump); Double Salchow Jump; Cross Foot/Layback/Sit Change Sit Spin; Spin Combination with Change of Foot and Position, Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 7
Double Toe Loop/ Double Toe Walley; Two Walley Jumps in Sequence; Combination Spin with Change of Foot & Position; Flying Camel Spin; One-Foot Axel into 1/4 Flip into Axel; Jump in Opposite Direction; Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 8
Double Loop Jump; Double Flip Jump; Split Lutz; Jump Combination (1 1/4 Flip-1 1/4 Flip-Double Salchow); Flying Sit Spin/Axel Sit Spin; Illusion/Camel Jump Camel Spin; Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 9
Arabesque/Bauer/Spread Eagle Combination; Double Lutz Jump; Jump Combination (Axel-Double Loop Jump); Axel in Opposite Direction/Double Axel Jump; Three Jumps in Sequence; Flying Camel into Jump Sit Spin; Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 10
Jump Combination (Double Axel-Double Toe Loop); Triple Edge Jump; Death Drop; Axels in Sequence/Triple Toe Assist Jump; Double Jump R & L/Triple Toe-Double Loop Jump; Arabian Cartwheels/Butterflies; Dance Step Sequence

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Figure skating Sit Spins & Headless Spin
Figure skating Sit Spins & Headless Spin
Figure Skating Sit Spin
Figure Skating Sit Spin
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