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March 27, 2016
The head of the Oregon Sports

Ice Skate SharpeningAre you slipping more in your ice skates? Taking routine tumbles? It’s probably because you’re skating with ice skates that have dull blades. Bring your ice skates in to your local Sports Authority store and our trained ice skate specialists will get you in rink-ready shape at a very low cost. Plus, sharpening is free with any ice skate purchase. A sharp edge on your ice skates is essential for controlled turning and stopping on the ice.

If you don’t already know what a “hollow” is, it’s what creates your inside and outside edges on your blade. Our trained ice skate technicians can help you determine your hollow personal preference. The A deep hollow will give you more grip on the ice and a shallow hollow helps you start and stop with more ease.

Want to give ice skating a whirl before you commit to your very own pair of ice skates? Sports Authority offers ice skate rentals so you can test the frozen waters first. For more information on ice skate rentals, visit our Rentals page.

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How to make a Skater Dress (easy)
How to make a Skater Dress (easy)
sims 3 ice skating picture+ ICE SKATING DRESSES DOWNLOAD!
sims 3 ice skating picture+ ICE SKATING DRESSES DOWNLOAD!
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